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December 19, 2013 posted by JenAdmin

Woodchuck Barrel Select Private Reserve

Woodchuck Barrel Select Private Reserve
Overall Score4.5
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  • Another Private Reserve that I relayed enjoyed. You can detect the bourbon notes for sure. Not too sweet and different.

I did not win the big lottery the other day. But in my quest to be the big winner, I found myself in our local carry-out. Picked up the tickets and then glanced into the coolers to find a new Woodchuck Cider that I have not sampled yet.

It is called Barrel Select. It was $10.99 per 6 pack.  Here is the commercial description:

Woodchuck Private Reserve Barrel Select is our ultra-limited cider crafted in small batches for a rare taste of sweet, crisp apple cider combined with smoky, dry bourbon flavors. Aged in genuine white oak Kentucky bourbon barrels, this copper-hued gem pairs excellently with cheese, pork roast and chocolate cake. Served best at 50 degrees, Barrel Select is truly an exclusive joy to relish.

I personally loved this one. I think bourbon is very on trend too. I started drinking that this season too. To find a cider with the bourbon flavors is a real treat for me.

Not too sweet. I also think that it’s different enough from the other ciders in the line that not everyone will rave about it. But for me, I will.

I am going back to the carry-out later to buy up the rest. I always love the LE blends and wish I picked up more bottles. (Like the Ace Pumpkin Cider)

Woodchuck Barrel Select

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