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Udi’s French Baguettes

Udi’s French Baguettes
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Udi’s makes some of my favorite gluten Free Products.  I saw these when I ran into Raisin Rack last month and picked up two.  I am sorry that I forgot to take note of the price, but I feel they were around $5 or so.

The French Baguettes come two in a pack. One bageuette fed our family of three, but if you are big eaters, heat up both.

I have only make them as directed, but I feel that you might be able to make garlic cheese toasts out of them. I did not try that yet.

They come out of the oven very crunchy and hard. There is probably more crunchy party in the fluffy inside/crunchy outside ratio.

We served with some butter and there were no leftovers. I imagine that these would make great bread crumbs if you did have leftovers.

The main reason I liked these is that it made pasta night feel like it should. All the components where there. Gotta like that.

My son also loved them. Again, he is not the gluten free one in the house. If he likes it, it can pass for a good bread.Udi's French BaguettesUdi's french backudi french bakedpasta night


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