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Gillian’s Gluten Free Stuffing

Gillian’s Gluten Free Stuffing
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  • Nobody could tell this was gluten free. It was pretty darn good. I have only had one GF stuffing I liked more. It was a local Columbus one from Eban Bakery. But for those of you not in Columbus, grab this one and take it for a test.

Back from a few days away with the family for Christmas. I did keep a pretty decent food journal while I was traveling. It might help those looking for ideas for themselves.

I did a lot of prep work in advance for the trip and it totally paid off! Not only because it was safe for me to eat, but it took a lot of the cooking pressure off my mom. She was able to relax for Christmas!  Nobody even realized they were eating gluten free. To me that is the goal.

I put Gillian’s Gluten Free Stuffing to the test for Christmas. I made it according the the recipe and stuffed it into my turkey breast. I found this mix at one of the major grocery stores. It was not hard to find and it was not terribly expensive.

Very satisfying results. It tasted just like traditional stuffing to me. I do feel it would be better outside of the bird since I like stuffing a little dry.

GFTT stuffing-1 GFTT stuffing-2


See, it totally looks like traditional stuffing. Overall a very successful product.

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