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Miller’s Ale House Columbus

Miller’s Ale House Columbus
Overall Score2.5
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  • Meh. Nothing to write home about food wise. Many TVs. Many drafts. But overall, it's just bar food. Yes, they have a GF menu, but it's very basic. The kid's meals are a good value.

My first restaurant review on the blog.

Sunday afternoon we went downtown to see Catco’s Cat in the Hat.  We were going to stop at Tip Top after the show, but they were closed for a private party. We had to think of a new place.

I remembered a few friends told me to check out the new Miller’s Ale House on Olentangy River Road.  They said they had a gluten free menu. It was an off hour, (3pm) so we stopped in hopes that  it would not be too busy.

The place is huge inside. There is not a seat in the house that did not have a view of a giant TV. So if you like sports I bet you would like that about this

They seated us right away and the server gave us their gluten free menu. They did offer a few GF choices, but to me, that is better than none. They also had a cider on draft and gluten free beer (O-Mission) in bottles.

A few surprises, the cole slaw was not gluten free? I wonder what they put in it?  That is something I can usually eat. Nacho chips and guacamole were not listed a gluten free? (Again, glad they mention what is). Also, no gluten free fries. My guess is no dedicated frier.

Here is a photo of their GF menu so you can see what they have. menu-1

Their regular menu is pretty big. Salads, meat, seafood, appetizers.  I noticed a ton of draft beers. They had two very large bars. One in the front and one in a back room.

I found this place to be very kid friendly. My son had a lot of choices and the price for a kids meal was very good. $5 for a meal with drink and ice cream. He got the grilled Mahi Mahi fingers with broccoli.  Huge portion for a little guy. So thumbs up there. Plus he liked it. I was shocked he got that instead of the mac and cheese. He is not gluten free and noodles are his favorite food. Oh, the irony! kids meal-1

I ordered the fish since my son’s looked so good. I did grilled Mahi Mahi with baked potato and green beans. ($13) My husband got the cheese burger without the bun with added mushrooms and sweet potato fries (he is not gluten free, but eats GF most of the time. Note the fries were NOT gluten free)

When the food came out my fish somehow turned into a fish sandwich on a bun! What?! I told the server when I ordered about the gluten, but he said he did not catch it coming out of the kitchen. He took it back and I got a new one.  Here are the photos of our food. There was a lot of  food on the plate(s). I also took a photo of my husbands burger so you could see what that would look like without a bun.

burger-1 fish-1

Now for the taste of the food. Let me start off by saying that I am a little bit of a food snob. I like good food. I also value creativity and atmosphere when  we go out to eat. My fish was ok, nothing exciting. I did eat it all, so it was not bad in any way.  I was sad about the bun coming out with my meal, but that happens sometimes.  They fixed it. But it did come back out very fast. Did they just take the bun off and give it back? Or are they just super fast in the kitchen? Hard to say? If you are very sensitive to gluten this might be a red flag for you. Some places  go above and beyond to make sure that you can dine gluten free without worry. I did not feel they did that here.

My husband said his mushroom cheese burger was nothing to brag about for the price ($10). The sweet potato fries were also middle of the road.  There are much better places to eat gluten free in Columbus.  But if you like giant TVs, beer and a good kid’s menu you should pop in a judge for yourself!

Miller’s Ale House
1201 Olentangy River Rd
Columbus, OH 43212
Neighborhood: Grandview Heights



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