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Tortilla Land Corn Tortillas

Tortilla Land Corn Tortillas
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  • I love these corn tortillas. Great taste and texture. Seek them out.

It’s been too cold to go to my favorite taco truck. I just don’t feel like waiting outside for taco-goodness in the freezing cold.

Luck should have it,  I found Tortilla Land Corn Tortillas at Meijer in the refrigerator section.  These are different than typical tortillas  because you have to heat them on the skillet to cook them.  But I am so impressed with the taste and texture, the extra time is worth it.  They taste like restaurant quality. taco-2


I wanted to share with you how I used them yesterday for lunch.  Super easy chicken tacos. Please note that this recipe uses the CostcoTrifecta of my favorite GF products that I always pick up at Costco. 1. Costco Rotisserie Chicken (Did you know many grocery store rotisserie chickens are no gf?)  2.  Chachies Mango Peach Salsa  3. Skotidakis’ Jalapeño Greek Yogurt Dip.  These three items have a ton of versatility. I use the Yogurt dip on everything!


For my tacos, I used all the above ingredients and added a pinch or broccoli slaw salad. Terrific and easy!

My son likes rotisserie chicken quesadillas with these Tortilla Land tortillas.  Sure you can get a giant pack of traditional corn tortillas for less money, but I end up throwing many of those away. I always use the entire pack of these quickly.

What are your favorite ways to use corn tortillas?


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