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January 26, 2014 posted by JenAdmin

Woodchuck Cellar Series Chocolate Cider

Woodchuck Cellar Series Chocolate Cider
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  • Unique cider that features a chocolate finish. I liked it, but did not love it.

The anticipation of finding this cider was killing me. I stopped into a few of my favorite liquor stores trying to find it, with no luck. Then I went to The Anderson’s and the Woodchuck rep just happened to be in the store that day. I asked him when it was coming out and his reply was tomorrow!

The next day I picked up 2 bottles. They retail for $4.99 each for a 22oz bottle.

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Here is the description from their website:

Woodchuck’s original small batch hard cider, featuring Vermont culinary apple varieties such as McIntosh and late season Northern Spy, was aged with crushed cocao beans.  Cocao beans, or nibs, are the starting point from which chocolate is produced.

This is their 3rd release from the cellar series. The first was one called Dry Hop. I missed that release all together. The second was smoked apple. I reviewed that one a few weeks ago. It was not for me. So how did Chocolate stack up? Another, meh.

You can taste the chocolate, but I also got a lot of carmel apple and vanilla. These are all flavors I enjoy, but something about drinking it as a cider did not cut it for me. I would suggest drinking this as an after dinner beverage. Take your time and enjoy it.

I am glad I had the chance to try it, but I will not run out to stock up.

My husband pretty much said the same thing. It’s ok. Unique, but not outstanding.


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