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Thai Kitchen Green Curry 10 Minute Simmer Sauce

Thai Kitchen Green Curry 10 Minute Simmer Sauce
Overall Score2.5
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  • This curry lacks heat and flavor. Sure it was easy to make, but take-out is easier and better.

Need some curry in a hurry? I could not resist saying that.

In our house, we love a good curry. In Columbus, there are tons of places to get a good curry too. I have tried to recreate that restaurant taste at home. Each time I try, I fail. So when I found Thai Kitchen Green Curry simmer sauce, I took it home. Maybe this was the answer. It’s gluten free, affordable and after prep, ready in 10 minutes.GFTT Curry-3

Super easy to prep.  The directions say cube 1/2 cup of chicken. I used more than that since I like my curry thicker.  Then I cut up 2 carrots and a head of broccoli into bit size pieces .

Pour the curry sauce into a pan and bring to a simmer. Add the chicken and cook it half way. Then toss in the veggies and cook until everything is done. Add some basil at the end and serve with jasmine rice.GFTT Curry-4 GFTT Curry-5 GFTT Curry-6 GFTT Curry-7

Everything was super easy! Well, how did it taste?  For a green curry, it really lacked curry flavor. It lacked spice, flavor and heat. All missing.  Very disappointing.

So if you need curry in a hurry go get some take out. :)


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