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Dee Amore Potato Skins

Dee Amore Potato Skins
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  • Easy, filling and pretty tasty. I would recommend these if you had to bring an appetizer to a party. I think they would be a hit.

I love finding frozen junk food at Costco. I try to eat pretty healthfully, but I have to tell you, working on this blog is making me realize that we do eat a lot of junk. Note to self, let’s work on that.

Anyway, every time we go to Costco 2 things happen. 1. We spend $100.00 without exception. 2. We find GF snacks and junk food.

My husband pointed these out in the freezer section. “Look! A giant box of potato skins.”  All the key words were on the front of the box. Gluten Free, Cheese and Bacon. :)

The giant box was $10 for nearly 2.5 lbs. (Have you ever noticed that most things at Costco are $10)GFTT Skins-1GFTT Skins-2

After 15 minutes in the oven the oven, they were ready to taste.

Pretty darn good and very filling. They had the perfect amount of cheese and the bacon tasted like it was very good quality. We topped them off with a little guacamole dip an ate them as dinner. Yup, potato skin dinner. Mom of the year.

These would be great to pick up for a party.  (Or if you need something for football this weekend) Thumbs up. Viva la junk food!

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