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The Essential Baking Company Gluten Free Super Seeded Multi-Grain Sliced Bread

The Essential Baking Company Gluten Free Super Seeded Multi-Grain Sliced Bread
Overall Score4.5
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  • I would consider this a handy snacking bread. Great toasted with nut butter and jelly. Good shelf life!

Another Costco find.  My husband brought home a 2 loaf pack of this bread. We had never heard of it before, but we are always willing to give new products a shot.

The bread was called The Essential Baking Company Super Seeded Multi-Grain. For two breads vacuum sealed it was $7.99. $4.00 per loaf seems pretty decent for a fancy GF bread. I like breads with lots of seeds too. GFTT Bread-1 GFTT Bread-2 GFTT Bread-3

I opened the first loaf today for a test. I just finished running 3 miles on the treadmill and wanted a filling snack. I toasted a slice (but not before I took a bite) and slathered it with almond butter and a teaspoon of jelly.

The texture un-toasted was pretty good. I remember, not that long ago, that all gf breads had to be toasted to be enjoyed. Bread has come a long way. You could eat this without toasting it. But toasted and topped, yum!  There bread had a slight sweetness to it. If you look at the ingredients, there is Pear Juice Concentrate & Plum Puree listed.  I am debating on if I would eat this as a sandwich with savory ingredients.  I will have to try that next. But with as a nut butter/jelly or cream cheese sandwich it’s super good.

My husband also liked it. He agreed with me that it was a little sweet. He ate his toasted with veggie cream cheese.

GFTT Bread-4 GFTT Bread-5

(Can you see the tiny bite out of the corner. That is my handiwork)

Great snack bread. The  slices are similar in size to the Udi’s breads. Not too big.

I will edit this post when I try it as a turkey sandwich and tell you if it works too.

Overall, I hope our local Costco continues to carry this bread. I would keep this on the shopping list. Good job Essential Baking Co!

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Source: This product was purchased by us at Costco for $7.99 for a two pack.

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