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Trader Joe’s Gluten Free Mac and Cheese (frozen)

Trader Joe’s Gluten Free Mac and Cheese (frozen)
Overall Score3.5
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  • The Kiddo
  • Good Flavor, but noodles did not cook well with the directions on the box.

Gluten free mac and cheese discovered at Trader Joe’s in the freezer section.
GFTT Rice-1GFTT Rice-2 GFTT Rice-3

It sat in the freezer for a bit until my son asked if we had any mac and cheese in the house. I told him I only had “mommy’s special gluten free mac” (meaning, I would prefer if you left it for me to eat since I am the intolerant one in the house) But a mother’s love is stronger than food selfishness.  I gave him my gluten free mac!

The serving size is pretty good as a small meal. I was surprised by how it looked before I heated it up. It had a lot of cheese in it. That was a good sign.GFTT Rice-4

I followed the directions exactly, but I found that it still had too much liquid and the noodles were not cooked yet. I cooked it an additional 2 minutes and that helped a little. But I feel I should have cooked it even longer because the noodles were still al dente.

My son liked it, but I could tell that he did not love it was much as he enjoys his gluten version. To be expected.  He left a lot for me to test.

The flavor was very rich. Think flavorful white cheeses. That is what came to mind. Good flavor, but the texture was not right because of the noodles being undercooked. Fixable with more cooking.

I would get it again. It would be a good quick fix to have in the house. I would just cook it longer.GFTT Rice-5



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