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The Pizza House Gluten Free Pizza

The Pizza House Gluten Free Pizza
Overall Score4.5
  • Jen's Review
  • Real pizza flavor and texture. Excellent sauce and cheese. A great size to share or enough for a big eater. No tummy issues!

The power of Facebook. After 3 posts from people talking about pizza, I wanted to eat pizza. I have a running list of places to try their GF pie and the next one on that list was Pizza House.

I had not been to Pizza House in years. I heard they rolled out a GF pizza and overall reviews from friends have been pretty good. We invited our friends and headed over.GFTT Pizza House-1

GFTT Pizza House-2For 5:30 on a Saturday, the place was busy. We had a 15 minute wait. I had a chance to review the menu in advance and talk to the hostess about what they had in gluten free. She mentioned they had a GF beer, the pizza crust and a baked ravioli. We never did see the ravioli on the menu. But there were some options for me. The only word of caution was the meatball topping on the pizza. (not safe)

GFTT Pizza House-3 GFTT Pizza House-4

I ordered a sausage pizza. They are a 10 inch pie. The cost is the price of a medium. About $13 for a basic pizza and $15 for crazy toppings.

The menu noted the “not gluten free environment” so use caution. If you are sensitive, this might night be the best bet for you. But for me, I am usually ok.

The pizza arrived and it was bigger than what I was expecting. My husband said next time we could just share one. He ordered a sandwich and the kiddo got a cheese and marinara topped meatball. Everyone was happy with their junk food!

The taste was great! The crust to toppings ratio was perfect. I have to say I really liked it. My husband tried it, as well as my friend Matt. Both gave it the thumbs up. I did not ask them for the official review. But know that they did not make a stink face while eating.GFTT Pizza House-5

I asked the server who made the crust and he said it was a place called Riches Gluten Free. They were shipped frozen.  I did a little research on them once I got home and here is the info on the crust.

For me, it was one of the better pizzas in town. I should revisit all my favorites and do official reviews. Any excuse to eat pizza. :)

Want to try it for yourself? Here is the address.

The Pizza House of Columbus Ohio

747 East Lincoln Ave.
Columbus Ohio 43229
Phone: 614-885-3121
Fax: 614-885-3633

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