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Yellow Brick Pizza

Yellow Brick Pizza
Overall Score4.5
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  • I loved Yellow Brick. I loved that they have a GF pizza so I can go out and be cool. :) Great decor, draft list and pizza toppings. Go!
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The specialty pizza list


A photo heavy post. Maybe because Yellow Brick was such a visual delight! It had a very artsy vibe, which I really appreciate.  My husband does not work too far from Olde Town, so on our anniversary  I met him for lunch. A romantic pizza date!

Outside of the employees and vendors, we were the only customers there at lunch. I bet the place is a lot busier in the evening. They had a big draft list and did offer a cider.

We ordered two GF pizzas, not that we each wanted our own, but so we had variety. We got the Boise Surprise. Olive Oil, potato, onion, sour cream and bacon.  The sign walking in promoted the Curry Fisher. We had to try this one too. This was a chickpea, spinach paneer pizza with cilantro sauce.

The pizzas were the price of a small,with a $1 up charge for the GF crust. So not too bad at all. (This was according to my husband who had been here before.)

The pizza arrived and they looked great. I asked the server who provided the crusts. He was not 100% certain, but he thought they were from Rich’s. If you remember my review from The Pizza House, this is the same vendor that provided their crust. That being said, I felt they tasted different. It could totally be how their pizza ovens work, but at Yellow Brick the middle of the pizza did not crisp up enough. The crust was perfect and cracker like on the edges, but the middle stayed slightly soggy. That would be my only criticism. I just ate my first bite with a knife and fork and then processed to eat the rest like a traditional pie.  So really, no worries on this at all.

The toppings were really good. I loved the Boise one a lot. It tasted like a loaded potato skin. Loved it. The Curry Fisher was a one time order. It was good and unique but not something I would try again. I would move on to one of the many others on the menu that looked good.

So overall, this is a great gluten free option in town. Plus it’s hip. I feel only one other place offers that combo (Harvest Pizza). You can find gluten free pizzas now in a lot of places. There is something for everyone: traditional, chain, mom and pop and artisan. Yellow Brick, to me, falls into that artisan category. A great place to go out and have a fun time.

I will be back, but next time at night with my friends!




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I loved the vibe of Yellow Brick. Funky art everywhere and one of the best specials sign in town.

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The Boise Surprise Pizza

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The Curry Fisher

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Want to try Yellow Brick? It is located in Olde Town East in Columbus.

Yellow Brick Pizza
892 Oak Street
Columbus, OH 43205

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Yummy Pizza! Nom Nom.

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