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Canyon Bakehouse 7-Grain GF Bread

Canyon Bakehouse 7-Grain GF Bread
Overall Score4.5
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  • This is a great gluten free bread. Airy and moist texture. Made a terrific sandwich.

I ran into Target yesterday to pick up one thing, but as always, I walked the perimeter of the store just to see what was new and exciting.

I remembered someone told me they found gluten free bread at Target, so I figured I should look for it. Since I was there and all. :)

Then I spotted the Canyon Bakehouse breads in the area near the fruits and veggies. (Not in the bread isle) They carried two varieties. The 7-grain and a white bread.  They were $5.99 per loaf.GFTT CANYON-1

As soon as I arrived home, hunger hit me! Time to make a sandwich. My husband I are enjoying these Coleman Chicken patties from Costco. They are easy to heat up and pretty tasty.  So I toasted two slices of this bread and started to make lunch. GFTT CANYON-5




The bread itself is a light weight bread. The slices are  small to medium in size. The texture was seedy and soft. The flavor was very good. It had a traditional bread quality, but with a more airy texture.

I toasted the bread for my sandwich. I like to do that to increase the strength of the bread.  Some of the toppings of my sandwich did saturate the bread. It just made it softer, but it did not break or crumble.

I have to say, this is a great gluten free bread. I do enjoy the taste of this one. I hope Target continues to carry it since I have not seen it in any other stores.

You can purchase their breads online. Here is the link.

Here is the nutritional info for those of you that are interested in that. (The chicken too)



Overall, I would get this bread again. I love that Target had it at the store.

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