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March 10, 2014 posted by JenAdmin

Original Sin Cherry Tree Cider

Original Sin Cherry Tree Cider
Overall Score4.5
  • Jen's review
  • The Husband
  • A deep tart cherry taste. Had a wine-like quality to it. Great with food or stand alone. YUM!

We ran a few errands on Saturday and made a quick pit stop into the liquor store and found a few new ciders to try.  We decided on Original Sin Cherry Tree Cider. It was a little pricey, but I do love cherry! ($8.99 a 4 pack)

My husband was the first to try it. I just took a sip out of his bottle for a quick taste test. I will test it again later this week. My initial thoughts were very positive. It was a very rich tart cherry. Almost a wine note. Full flavored. Not overly sweet. Very solid cider.

This makes me happy since the last few ciders I have tested have been duds! :( I needed something to put the love back into cider drinking.

Short and Sweet review. Sure it was more money than most, but I really liked it. So it was worth it.


GFTT Cherry Cider




GFTT Cherry Cider

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