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April 11, 2014 posted by JenAdmin

Gluten Free Disney-The Magic Kingdom

Gluten Free Disney-The Magic Kingdom

It’s funny how being on spring break really gets you away from the computer. When spring break ends, you have to catch up with everything else before getting back in front of the computer. I guess that is a good thing.  So weeks later, I bring you Gluten Free Magic Kingdom.  Worth the wait. The Magic Kingdom had the best gluten free food stories to share.

gftt disney-9

This is how to enter Disney. On top of the world.

We spent two full days at this park. I am only going to highlight our sit down meals. I found all the quick service to be pretty basic. Gluten Free was very easy to find.  Much like the other parks, the food was similar to school food. Nothing to write home about.

After all the excitement of day one, we went to Ohana in the evening. Ohana is located within Disney’s Polynesian Resort. This is a short monorail ride from the Magic Kingdom.  As a side note, if you ever ride on a monorail, you are required to sing the monorail song that was featured on the Simpsons. We pulled out the smart phone and played the song for our son.  I am pretty sure the moment was lost on him, but to my husband and I, it was MAGIC! mono


After 10 minutes of singing, we arrived at Ohana. We were told by our travel agent that you need to come to this restaurant HUNGRY! The theme is all you can eat meat that they bring to your table.

When you have a food allergy they print out a ticked and place it on your table. This way the server knows to get the manager. They go over all the food choices. gftt disney-3

Our server at Ohana was wonderful. He let me know that the first courses was salad (gluten free) and then they bring out wings, noodles and veggies as the second corse. The wings and noodles were not gluten free, so mine would be altered. The said they had special gf wings, veggies and rice just for me. YEAH!

My son LOVED his noodles. I had to share a photo of him eating them.

gftt disney-4 gftt disney-6 gftt disney-7



I forgot to mention, Ohana has a pineapple bread. It really looked good. They did have a gluten free bread for me, but I would suggest skipping it. I am certain it was the same bun they used on the burgers at the park.  Not worth eating. gftt disney-5

After eating my salad, wings and veggies, I was full. Yes, all before the all-you-can-eat meat even arrived at the table. I still got all of the meats to try. They had shrimp, pork, chicken and steak. They did have one or two dipping sauces that were gluten free at our table. (In my own personal container)

Everything was good, but I did to have the ability to pig out like I wanted.

gftt disney-8

Ohana was probably the most fun dinner we had in the parks. They had an entertainer that sang songs, organized kids games and dancing. We were also able to see  fireworks from the window at 10pm (It was a late dinner). Thumbs up to Ohana.

Day 2 at Magic Kingdom:

A beautiful day at the park. (the first day it rained like crazy)


gftt disney-2

The last sit-town restaurant we went to was Tony’s Italian. This is a Lady and the Tramp themed restaurant.  My favorite cartoon ever.

I was worried that this choice would have the fewest options for me, but I was very surprised. They had gluten free pasta.

They had it, so I ordered it! I got the spaghetti with Italian sausage. The portions were very big. My plate had 2 large sausages with the pasta.

My expectations were not high and I was very happy with this meal. The pasta was perfect. Great texture. (I ver rarely order gf pasta while out)

For dessert, I had a pistachio creme brûlée. Also, yummy. Photos are below. Note the Allergy stick coming out of the plate. They do take great care.

gftt disney-10gftt disney-11

Tony’s is located just inside the front gates of the park.

Overall, The Magic Kingdom took good care of us. I did not miss a meal. I had choices everywhere I went. So happy that there are places you can go with a food allergy/intolerance and not feel left out. YEAH Disney!

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