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April 12, 2014 posted by JenAdmin

Gluten Free Disney-Downtown Disney (the final Disney post)

Gluten Free Disney-Downtown Disney (the final Disney post)

The best for last!

Imagine eating cupcakes and fried foods all in one evening. That was my experience in Downtown Disney.

We did not allocate any time to go to Downtime Disney. Our travel agent booked all of our dinners at the parks each night.  After our very late night dinner at Ohana (8:45 start time and after 10pm finish time) We moved some things around. Dinners after 8pm is just too late. So our last night at Disney, we moved our sit-down dinner to a sit down lunch. That way we had more flexibility at night. Kids get tired after walking around all day. Sometimes reservations just don’t work.

We headed to Downtown Disney with a few quick service meals and snacks left on our dining plan. I was not sure if any of the restaurant there would take the dining plan.  Winging it!

The first place we stopped at was Babycakes NYC. This is a famous vegan/gluten free Bakery in NYC. I heard of them. Everything at this location was Gluten Free! They did not have a ton of stuff left a night, but they had donuts, cupcakes and cookies!  And even better news, each item counted as a snack on the dining plan. Woot!

I got a lemon cupcake and the hubby got a cake slice. (It was banana chocolate chip)

We got them to go since we had to eat dinner first. But we were off to a good start.

gftt disney-12gftt disney-13

Downtown Disney was busy. We overhead wait times at the sit down places were over 90 minutes. So we were on the hunt for a decent quick service. After walking around we found Cooks Fish and Chips. The menu was very simple. In my mind, I would order a bun-less burger and some fries. Fried fish would not be an option for me. When the manager overheard me ordering the burger without the bun, he approached me and asked. “Are you celiac?” I looked a little stunned, that he had such impressive hearing, since he was not the one taking my order. I told him I was gluten free. Then he said something that made my night. He said, I can make you gluten free friend fish. I have a special breading just for you. Then he said, I can also make you onion rings. I just said YES! So I had two baskets of fried food to enjoy. It was insane.

Here are photos of the fried food and me playing with it.


gftt disney-15gftt disney-18gftt disney-19

The batter was so good. I have not had fried anything in years.  I know it’s not health food. But it was vacation. I enjoyed every little bit!

The next day for breakfast I managed to get into the Babycakes. The cake slice was good, but the cupcake was a little dry. It was probably best enjoyed fresh. Still good, but I have had better Gluten Free treats in Columbus. I am spoiled that way.

I hope these post can help anyone traveling to Disney with a food allergy.  We had such a nice time.

Now I am bringing my reviews back home.  Stay tuned, I am going to be reviewing Melt in Columbus next week.


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