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Melt Columbus

Melt Columbus
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My son and I were having some downtown adventures during his spring break and we found ourselves in the Short North at the off hour of 3pm. Not really lunch, bordering on early dinner. The perfect time to get into Melt to try their gluten free grilled cheese! We walked right in and got a table. I hear that never happens during peak hours.gftt melt-19


The space is wonderful. I am trying to remember what was in this spot before the big renovation. The entire block had an overhaul.   It looks great.  Kitschy light up pumpkins and Santa Claus look over you as you drink at the bar.  Plenty of light natural  from the large windows. Very fun!

The grilled cheese menu was loaded with options. Who thinks of all these varieties of grilled cheese? I am clearly lacking in my own kitchen. I feel like I am edgy when I add some bacon to a sandwich.

The dessert features were crazy fun too. This sign was on our table.  I want to eat fried Twinkies…..


gftt melt-1


After all the lusting over things I could not have, I ordered the chorizo and potato grilled cheese on GF bread ($9) . My son got the kid’s meal half grilled cheese. When they came to the table I was not anticipating the size of these sandwiches. I took the photo from two different angles so you could see the layers of bread, cheese and meat. I ate the sandwich like I would have eaten a large sandwich at age 7. I took that bad boy apart and ate each layer individually. If you are going to a grilled cheese restaurant, you should play with your food. Since I was dining with my son, he did not judge me. 


gftt melt-2 gftt melt-3



The fries were amazing. The sandwich was so good. I know I could make gf grilled cheese at home, but there is not way I would make one so extreme. I can only imagine how much margarine they used to create this lunch.  I am proud to say that I did not eat all of this. Very proud. Not because it was not delicious, but because I filled up.

I did ask the server who supplied the bread, and he thought it was Udi’s. From the taste, I would have to agree. That seems to be the bread of choice out there.

So Melt was a fun treat. I would go back again. I am sure my husband was mad that we went without him.

Check it out.

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