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December 6, 2013 posted by JenAdmin

Woodchuck Cider Reserve: Belgian White

Woodchuck Cider Reserve: Belgian White
Overall Score4.5
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  • I had to revisit this one for a proper review. In short, not at all like a cider. Reminded me of a Blue Moon with orange in it. Mellow, not too sweet and SMOOTH! One of the best of the year for me.

Woodchuck Cider Belgian White

I picked up a 6 pack of Woodchuck Hard Cider Private Reserve Belgian White  yesterday at Weiland’s Market. I believe it was $10.99. That is a little higher in price than the regular ciders from Woodchuck, but if I see something new, I always buy it.

The sales guy told me that it is a yeasty cider. Is yeasty a word?

Here is the official description from Woodchuck:
A handcrafted treasure, the ultra-limited edition Private Reserve Belgian White, is crafted with a classic Belgian beer yeast. Cloudy, with a rich golden hue, it presents a delicate aroma and taste, with coriander and orange notes. It pares excellently with seafood fare, mixed greens or sharp cheeses. Join the select few who get an exclusive taste of the fruits of our labor.

I was the only one who tried it last night.  I did notice is had less sugar that some of the other ciders that I buy. 12g.  That is pretty good for ciders.

There is a yeast flavor in it, as well as a nice orange note that rounds it out. I found it to be very mellow and balanced. I would also love to try this one on draft. It drinks a little more like a wheat beer (from my memory of drinking one) than a cider.

I will have my husband try it later to give his take on it as well.

Edit: 12/19/13: We finished off two more bottles of this blend tonight. I think it’s pretty outstanding. It reminded me of when I would get a Blue Moon with an orange. It was less like a cider and more like an orange spice wheat beer. (from memory) Since we decided we like this one, that means that it will be no where in sight at the local stores. But I will add it to my shopping cart it I find it again.

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