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Chebe Pizza Mix

Chebe Pizza Mix
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  • Overall, I am a big fan of Chebe breads. They give me the satisfaction of eating something bread-like. I like the texture, but I bet an equal amount of people would not like it for that same reason. But if you are into Brazilian styles breads, give this a try.
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At least 6 months ago I purchased a ton of these Chebe mixes. They were on sale, I love them, so I stocked up. So whenever I want to carb it up, I break into my stash of Chebe and create some yummies!

I picked up some bulk Spicy Sausage at Lucky Market (Columbus, OH). It’s amazing. I was looking for ways to eat that. We decided on a pizza. It was a good call.

The recipe was very simple. I browned up about 1/4 lb of the sausage . At the same time I made the dough. I just followed the directions on the box. There is a choice of cheese, I picked parmesan. You can also use water or milk. (Milk for us) Knead and press into a pan on parchment paper.

I just placed the sausage on top of the dough with a little Mozzarella. Since there is cheese in the dough itself, I found that you don’t need a lot on the top. I did not add any red sauce. You can, if that is what you like.

Bake as directed on the box and eat!

It turned out so good. I know that is is not really a recipe from scratch, but I hope it gives you some dinner ideas.




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