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December 17, 2013 posted by JenAdmin

The Perfect Ginger Ale & Whiskey Mashup

The Perfect Ginger Ale & Whiskey Mashup
Overall Score4.5
  • If you are looking for a simple cocktail, this is a great one. The ginger ale is spicy. The maple whiskey is sweet. They go great together.

ginger ale-2This is jus a quick idea. I picked up a new ginger ale at Trader Joe’s last week and finally got around to testing it.

Very spicy. Good quality and tasty.   I forget the price point now. Maybe $3. I will follow up on that.

My husband had a bottle of Maple Whiskey and I find it to be too sweet, so I paired it with this ginger ale and it was perfect!

If you are looking for a fun drink pairing, do try this.

On a side note, my husband thinks it’s so funny that I am drinking his whiskey. But I have to admit, I sorta like it. My dad would always say, “It’s a drink that will put hair on your chest.” Well, let’s hope not in my case. Not cute on a girl.




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