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The worst meal I have ever made…..really

The worst meal I have ever made…..really
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I debated on if I would share this with you, but in the end, think of it as a public service announcement. Sometimes bad food happens to good people.

I had an idea. I wanted to make a taco type filling that I could add to either a corn tortilla or a bowl of lettuce for a quick and easy meal. I do this type of meal a lot. I can get a few days worth of food out of it.

I picked up a rotisserie chicken at Costco (good on its own). I should have just stopped there and pulled it apart and make taco bowls, but I didn’t.

Opened up the freezer and saw I had some farmer’s market chorizo. (also good on its own) The fridge had some fresh pineapple. IDEA!

When I used to eat at El Vaquero in town, I would get this dish that was chicken, chorizo, pineapple and cheese. I will make that.  I know it all tastes good together.

Here are the steps I took. I chopped a small onion and cooked it in oil for a bout 5 minutes. Added 1/4 lb of the chorizo and browned that. So far so good.

I added some taco-type seasoning and then added some of the already cooked rotisserie chicken.  Once I felt the flavors mixed well I added a few small chunks of pineapple.  Here is where I think I went wrong. I used my heavy cast iron skillet. I tuned off the heat and put the lid on and left for a long walk with my dogs.

When it was time to eat I did not test the food before I plated it. (Sounds like any episode of Top Chef. TASTE THE FOOD!) Well, all the moisture from the pineapples created some steam and turned the chicken into a soggy mess. I can not describe how nasty the texture was. The worst I have ever had. It’s just disintegrated in your mouth. Even thinking about it makes me gag.

Thank goodness I still had plenty of chicken that never hit that pan.

The worst part was that my son was telling me how gross it was and I kept saying “EAT IT. You are being picky.” All this before I tried it myself.

Moral of the story, save time and energy and just eat a good rotisserie chicken as is. Don’t be a superstar.


Zero Stars for me!

My dog watching me cut up the chicken. He knew it was good as is. He is smart.

My dog watching me cut up the chicken. He knew it was good as is. He is smart.

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