About Me

Hi Everyone,

You know what would be cool?  Creating a blog that followed my hits and misses with gluten free living.

I was diagnosed with Celiac Disease in 2009. If you met me then, you would have seen a girl obsessed with gluten. I was terrified of food. I was not sure what was ok to eat. I worried anything would make me sick. I suffered from disordered eating. Bottom line, I was no fun and had no humor on the subject. Those were hard times and I am certain that many of my gluten sensitive friends have similar stories.  So much stress surrounding a new way of eating…for life.

Fast forward  a few years, I am a new women I have the hang of it all. I started cooking my own foods. I went from really terrible cook, to awesome cook 50% of the time! (The other 50% is still nasty) But I am trying and making an effort.  That goes a long way. I also find that cooking for myself eliminates a lot of the worry with cross contamination. I know what’s in my food.

I like to try out all the latest GF products that hit the market. I don’t buy a ton of them, but when I do I want to tell all my GF peeps about my discoveries. I want to let them know if it’s worth seeking or if they should skip it.

I am a social butterfly, so I love to go out and eat. I am a lot more selective these days. But again, I want to tell people what has been good for me.

Lastly, I am a cider nut. I also have a few friends that are into a good cider.  We can be your “special drink” gurus.

My household is not 100% gluten free. My husband does not have to eat GF, but he does to make my life easier. But our son would just die without full gluten items.  So if I post a review from my husband or son, you can get their starting point.

This blog will have a review star system. I  will give you my opinions on GF products, recipes, restaurants and ciders. I hope you enjoy it!

xoxo Jen